Friday, March 2, 2012

A Saving Grace

I have to say - I do not know how I went through raising my son for eight months before I got a moby wrap. I look back now to the nights that he would scream before bed and how I walked around holding him and giving him a gentle jiggle until he exhausted himself and fell asleep. When he turned eight months we booked a flight home from Korea to visit family. I knew I didn't want to run through the airport or race with a stroller all the time. Someone had recommended the Moby wrap and I decided to try it out. Finally my arms weren't exhausted anymore!

I made sure to pack it away so I could save it for my next child. Now four years later this thing is a life saver. My three month old has loved it since day one. I wear her almost daily. Now that she is a little older she is comfortable in the swing but it wasn't like that when she was born. There are some days that I wear her all day depending on her temperament. There have been a couple nights where she's screamed before bed... but five minutes in the Moby and she was out cold.

My daughter loves close contact - as most babies do. Without the moby I wouldn't be able to get anything done. With her wrapped to my body she gets the contact, the mommy smell from me and she can hear my heart beat. It's like being back in the womb when I use the newborn hug hold. And it leaves me hands free. I'm able to walk around and get things done in the house. I can fold laundry, do dishes, sweep, mop, vacuum. I can shop without a stroller or without lugging a car seat. I've tried a few other carriers but Moby is by far my favorite. With it wrapped around by body and hers I know she isn't going anywhere. I can feel her breathing and I can wrap her high enough on my chest to check her easily and frequently. And, when wrapped properly, I can nurse her in the wrap. Personally I enjoy sitting down for a little quiet one on one while nursing but I have used the wrap to nurse while out shopping before. Done right it can be very discreet.

I am a little bummed that my wrap shrank in the dryer back when I was using it with my son. I'm not able to fully stretch it over my daughter's back but it's still safe for her.

Wearing my baby isn't necessarily "green" but I classify it in the natural parenting category - which to some people goes hand in hand with being green.

Anyone else love their Moby Wrap?

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